2020 Ford Escape Head-Up Display

What is the Ford Head-Up Display?

Ford Head-Up Display makes it easier to navigate with your hands on the wheel 

What is the Ford Head-Up Display? It is an unobtrusive display projected onto the windshield of a vehicle. As you will learn below, this display serves an important purpose. You can find Ford vehicles with the available Head-Up Display like the 2020 Ford Escape here at Sherwood Ford near Edmonton, AB. 

What does the Ford Head-Up Display do? 

The Ford Head-Up Display creates an image on a vehicle windshield to help you view important information as you drive. By using the windshield as a display location, the Ford Head-Up Display provides you with a transparent image that you can view while viewing the road ahead. It will never block your view, and it can easily be turned off at your preference. 

The Ford Head-Up Display helps to minimize distraction that may otherwise interfere with driving. If you have ever been distracted while trying to find important information in your car, you may benefit from this technology. This may help prevent Forward collisions due to distracted driving. 

What information does the Ford Head-Up Display show?  

The Ford Head-Up Display shows vital information that you may need while in motion. This includes things like navigation directions and your current driving speed. Plus, this feature keeps you informed about various driver-assist features that you may be using. For instance, it can update you on your Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go system, the Lane-Keeping System, and more.  

Where can I find a Ford vehicle with a Head-Up Display system? 

We have Ford vehicles with the available Ford Head-Up Display here at Sherwood Ford. As a newer technology, it can be found in the most recent Ford models, although not every new Ford vehicle will come with this technology. If you are interested in finding a Ford vehicle with the Ford Head-Up Display, please let us know and we will help you locate your best option. The 2020 Ford Escape is one of your options.  

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