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Want to Know What’s in the Shelby GT 350 Owner Supplement Box?

What is the Ford Performance Owner’s Supplement box?

When you purchase a Ford Shelby GT 350, not only do you get the high-performance power of the car but also a gift from Ford. For each purchase of the Shelby GT 350, Ford Performance mails to your home a commemorative “Thank You” filled with a number of goodies called an Owner’s Supplement box. See what’s inside the box here with Sherwood Ford.

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Shelby GT 350 Owner’s Supplement Box

  • Certificate of Limited Production with VIN# and Production #
  • Invitation to Ford Performance Track School for Complimentary 1-Day Track Session at the Former Miller Motor Park in Utah
  • Track Attack Brochure
  • Instructions About How to Register Your Shelby GT 350
  • Letter from Ford Performance
  • Infographic with Specifications for the GT and GT 350 models
  • Order Form for a Shelby GT 350 Picture Autographed by Carroll Shelby
  • Frameable Print of the Shelby GT 350
  • Model Information DVD
  • Large Shelby GT 350 Poster
  • GT 350 Track Tips Pamphlet
  • Scale Model of the Shelby GT 350’s Flat-Plane Crank Shaft with Individual Chassis Number

See It All Revealed Here!

Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350

If you are looking for some serious power, the Shelby GT 350 is the Mustang for you. Its 5.2L V8 engine puts out an impressive 526 horsepower and 429 lb.-ft. Of torque. Paired with its various performance features, the Shelby GT 350 brings to the roadways, smooth track performance and iconic Shelby style.

Shelby GT 350 5.2L V8 engine
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Performance Features of the Shelby GT 350:

  • 5.2L V8 Engine
  • TREMEC® 3160 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • MagneRide™ Damping System
  • Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport Tires
  • Brembo® Brake Calipers
Shelby GT 350 Design Features:

  • REGARO® Cloth Seats with Miko® Sued Sport Inserts
  • Aluminum Trim Instrument Panel
  • Unique Shelby Shift Knob
  • LED Sequential Lights
  • Aluminum Foot Pedals

For more information or to get your own Shelby GT 350 and Owner Supplement Box, contact our team at Sherwood Ford today.