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Should you buy or lease a new Ford vehicle?

Benefits of buying and leasing a new Ford in Edmonton AB 

Looking for a quality Ford model is often a daunting experience because there are many out there that all offer something different for drivers. If you’ve got your desired vehicle in mind, however, the logical next step is to find the right purchasing option for both your budget and your needs. There are plenty of benefits of buying and leasing a new Ford model in Edmonton AB, and today our Sherwood Ford team will take you through which is a better choice for your situation!  

Benefits of buying a Ford model at Sherwood Ford 

Most drivers today opt for the full purchase route, and this is for a good reason – nothing feels better than having full ownership of your Ford vehicle. Total ownership lets you customize your vehicle however you see fit and having the peace of mind that you won’t have to part ways with your Ford anytime soon certainly can’t be beaten.

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Benefits of leasing a Ford model at Sherwood Ford 

If you’re the kind of person that needs options and flexibility in terms of your ride, leasing might be a better option when you’re ready to sign off. You’ll generally have lower monthly payments during your term, and we offer insurance coverage on our models! Keep in mind that leases aren’t permanent, so you’ll have to search for a new model once your agreement is up but fear not! You’re always free to re-up on your Ford vehicle and stay on the cutting edge of industry innovation. 

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Test drive a new Ford in Edmonton AB 

No matter what you’re looking for, we have a wide selection of Ford models to fit your wants and desires right here at Sherwood Ford. Feel free to contact our sales team today to schedule a test drive or get pre-approved for financing!