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What cool features are available with Waze in 2020 Ford models?

Frequently asked questions about Waze operation and navigation system 

What is WazeWaze is a traffic navigation system that helps you find the fastest route to where you need to go. Waze brings you live updates on traffic from real people driving the same routes as you. Keep reading below to learn about the cool features available with Waze in 2020 Ford models. 

How can I access Waze in my 2020 Ford vehicle? 

Perhaps the coolest feature of Waze in 2020 Ford vehicles is that it is integrated right into your SYNC 3 display. SYNC 3 touchscreens are included in many Ford models, and now you can use Waze through them. You can also access Waze through compatible mobile phones.  

Now that Waze is compatible with your touchscreen, you have a larger display to use the app on. Plus, the convenient location of the screen makes it easy to check. Furthermore, this helps you put down the phone and avoid distractions. 

Waze image showing route
Waze image showing reports
Waze image showing traffic

How does Waze provide real-time traffic updates? 

Waze allows you to collaborate with other Waze users to provide everyone with real-time updates. By sharing information, users help each other find the best routes and mutually benefit. Waze connects user to real-time alerts for car accidents, other road hazards, slow traffic, and other possible roadblocks or safety hazards.  

How can I operate Waze in my 2020 Ford vehicle? 

Two features of Waze are its ability to function with your vehicle’s touchscreen and to work with voice commands. This means that you can operate the app in whichever way works best for you. Voice commands give you hands-free control, useful for when you need to access traffic information on the go. If you are parked, using the touchscreen is a fast way to get the information you need. 

Can Waze help me locate places to stop along my route? 

Waze offers many functions. You can mark places to stop along your route and find gas stations along your route. When you reach your destination, Waze can help you find parking.