ford super duty infotainment screen

Ford Super Duty: Ford’s Historic Dependability Combined With Ford’s High-Tech Future

What Technology Features Are Offered By the 2022 Ford Super Duty? 

A good pickup truck is defined and judged based on its ability to get work done. That’s always been the case, but these days, Ford trucks are capable of even more than brawn. Today’s trucks also come with the technology of the 21st Century, with pickups like the 2022 Ford Super Duty boasting a wide array of tech features to accompany the muscle drivers expect from the Super Duty lineup. 

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What Can Ford SYNC® 4 Do? 

It all starts with the Ford SYNC® 4 system. This is Ford’s state-of-the-art infotainment system displayed on a new 12-inch screen for the 2022 model year. 

The screen uses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to display many of your most used smartphone apps (maps, texting, music, etc.) in the built-in vehicle screen, featuring a design that is easy to view and use while in your truck. Meanwhile, your phone stays charged while resting on your Ford’s wireless charging pad and stays connected through Ford’s built-in Wi-Fi. The system can also connect to the cloud for turn-based navigation. Like your smartphone, this entire system can receive software updates wirelessly so that you are always working with the latest upgrades. 

Ford’s Upfitter Switches  

ford super duty upfitter switches

As we said above, though, a good truck needs to be able to get work done. Ford has incorporated high-tech solutions into some of the Super Duty’s most demanding capabilities. Business owners and those who like to trick out their pickup alike will enjoy the upfitter switches, allowing you to install aftermarket accessories like a winch, lights, strobes, and more, while accessing them through overhead switches on the truck’s cabin. No rewiring is necessary. 

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Lastly, Ford has been making towing jobs easier and easier for decades, and the Super Duty’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ practically does the hard part for you when it comes to backing up a trailer or launching a boat into your favorite fishing spot. It’s just one more way Ford is marrying technology with physical capability to ensure Ford Super Duty trucks remain at the top for decades to come.