Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive truck at Sherwood Ford

The annual Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive is taking place this month in Edmonton and Sherwood Park

Sherwood Ford and OilersNation are hosting a Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive to support local food banks 

The annual Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive is taking place this month in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. Sherwood Ford and OilersNation are teaming up to help provide food donations to local food banks. Below, we have more information on where you can make a donation and why you should consider joining Sherwood Ford and OilerNation for their annual Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive this month. 

staff at the Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive

Where can you donate to local food banks in the Edmonton, AB area? 

This month, Sherwood Ford and OilersNation have made donating to a local food bank easier than ever with two locations for the general public to donate and three schools where student donations will be picked up and distributed. If you or your child attends Edmonton public schools Harry Ainlay High School or M.E. LaZerte School or Sherwood Park’s Lakeland Ridge School, then all you need to do are bring the donations to the school. Sherwood Park and OilersNation will handle taking the donations from the school to the food banks. 

Other individuals can bring donations either to Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park or Sobey’s Belmont in Edmonton. Sherwood Ford is located at 2540 Broadmoor Boulevard, Sherwood Park. Sobey’s Belmont is located at 13504 Victoria Trail NW, Edmonton.  

canned food being donated at the Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive

What items can you donate to local food banks in Edmonton, AB? 

The Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive aims to collect non-perishable food items including canned and packed goods. These donations may help many families celebrate Thanksgiving with a meal. Consider bringing canned or packaged traditional Thanksgiving foods. 

If monetary donations are easier for you, you can submit a cash donation online. Strathcona Food Bank and Edmonton Food Bank are two Edmonton area food banks that are currently accepting cash donations on their websites. These donations will be used to purchase critical supplies and food items that are in a shortage.  

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Why should you donate to local food banks in Edmonton in 2020? 

Donating to a local food bank in Edmonton, AB is a great way to give back to your community. Now more than ever, food banks could use your help to supply food to local families. With the holiday season coming up, there are many individuals and families that rely on food banks for a Thanksgiving meal. As you say thanks for what you have this Thanksgiving, you can feel better knowing that you helped someone else eat a Thanksgiving meal. 

Making your donation this October makes you a hunger hero for local Edmonton and surrounding area food banks. The cut off for participating in the Giant Thanksgiving Food Drive is October 29th, 2020. By donating before that time, you give food banks time to prepare the donations to be distributed for Thanksgiving. 

How many people use food banks in Canada? 

It is important to remember that food banks are an important source of food for people across the country. According to Food Banks Canada, there are 3,000 food banks and community agencies in Canada which shared a collective 28,342,737 pounds of food last year. In 2017, more than 860,000 people visited a food bank each month. We expect the number to be higher in 2020, but according to Food Banks Canada, fewer donations and volunteers are being offered this year, which may be a reflection of the hardships experienced by those who would normally donate.